Both the harmful and beneficial bacterias are present in normal water. The beneficial bacteria is taken to be the key to clean the water naturally and balancing the level of dissolved gases in it. When the turns anaerobic or is not balanced the harmful bacterias and growth of algae can deteriorate the quality of water.

Here, Homeport comes up with a range of Probiotic treatments that can work along with our MaxDo Aeration Platforms. Our products abide all the required explicit details that formulate the regulations of different countries. These are designed for ponds, lakes, agricultural fields, irrigation lakes, and aquacultural farms. We also design products that can help you to get rid of the water issues.


  • Ph of the water is lowered
  • Exhaust the supply of oxygen
  • Remove toxins like ammonia and other released by any organisms from water
  • Production of oxygen leads to growth of useful bacteria than pathogens
  • Hinders the growth of pathogens
  • Keeps the water clean
Our Probiotics makes a direct competition with algae that consume nutrients. Some directly attack the algae’s and other harmful bacteria. Again the probiotics consume the toxins eliminated from the dead algae’s when killed by the Ultrafine bubbles generated from MaxDo.
Homeport makes a belief in using Probiotic treatment rather than ozone, hydrogen peroxide or CO2 which overtreats the water. Homeport tries to prevent and sustain the quality of water rather than treating it harshly that increases the level of sediments.

To reduce the cost of shipping, storage, and handling by 80% we have made our Probiotics are shipped in the form of tablets. This adds an additional advantage as the possibility of the Probiotics, being killed in the transit due to lack of oxygen decreases. Once the tablets arrive they simply start charging in a simpler way.

It can be said that our Homeport Probiotics which literary means “for life” is a mixture of different good microorganisms. All the organisms mixed knows their own individual tasks. This mixing at certain times makes an additional advantage by increasing the efficiency of the application.

The basic concept of using Probiotics is that the good microorganisms will consume the harmful ones which leaves behind no food for the pathogens. Our tablets contain millions of good microorganisms that compete for food with the harmful ones just the way it happens in nature.


Different geographical locations require different formulations that are available with us. Those that are available in the United States are EPA registered pesticides and meet EPA requirements. For informations on EPA registration please contact us at


  • Standard solutions to your regular water problems
  • Probiotic strains designed for any particular water issues
  • Ability to treat water for vegetation, hence expanding revenues
  • Tablet form and small-sized, reduces shipping cost, storage and handling cost by 80%
  • Tablets ensure that 100% live bacterias are delivered to clients
  • Up to 5 different bacteria are included in each formulation
  • Each tablet contains 10bn bacteria,once recharged delivers 20bn bacterias
  • One tablet can treat up to 300 m3 or 79,251 gallons of water
  • Only 4 tablets can treat an acre-foot of water




Preferably chosen to treat open water whether salt or sweet, plants, grass or any agricultural applications.



Preferably chosen for large agricultural or aquacultural or any wastewater application.



Basically designed for horticultural applications like shrubs, trees, and grass.



An antibiotic treatment for critical water conditions.



Designed to treat your swimming pools and lakes.