Normal water contains both beneficial and harmful bacteria. In healthy aerated water, beneficial bacteria are key to naturally cleaning and balancing the water. When water becomes anaerobic or out of balance, bad bacteria and algae can quickly deteriorate water quality.

Homeport has an entire line of Probiotic treatments available that work in conjunction with our Oxyfusion Platforms. Specific formulations for each country that meet required regulations are available. They are designed for lakes and ponds, agricultural and irrigation lakes and aquaculture farms. We can also custom design Probiotics specific to your water quality issues.


  • Ph of the water is lowered
  • Remove toxins from the water, for example ammonia or toxins released by the harmful bacteria
  • Hinders the growth of pathogens
  • Keeps the water clean
Our Homeport Probiotics consume nutrients, so are in direct competition with algae. Some also directly attack algae and other dangerous cyanobacteria. Probiotics also consume and eliminate the toxins, released from algae, when they are eliminated by our Oxyfusion generated Ultrafine Bubbles. The combination of probiotics and sustained dissolved oxygen levels, created by our Oxyfusion Platforms, restores natures balance.
Homeport believes it is healthier to use Probiotics rather than constantly overtreating with chemicals. Our focus is prevention and sustainability verses harsh treatments that can inadvertently increase volatile sediment levels.

Our Probiotics are shipped in tablet and powder form which reduces shipping, storage and handling costs by 80% and eliminates the possibility of the Probiotics being killed in transit, due to lack of oxygen or nutrients. Once they arrive the tablets are then simply reanimated in a simple process.

Our Homeport Probiotics, a word that literary means “for life,” are a blend of different useful micro-organisms. The different micro-organisms in the mix all have their own task. The combination of certain strains provides advantages which increase the efficiency of the application.

The principle of our Probiotic formulas is that useful micro- organisms consume the nutrients which feed the harmful bacteria, so there is no food left for the pathogens. Our tablets contain billions of beneficial bacteria that compete for food with the harmful bacteria just like in nature.


Different formulations are available in different geographies. Those available in the United States are EPA registered pesticides and meet EPA requirements. For informations on EPA registration please contact us at


  • Standard formulas for routine water problems
  • Probiotic strains engineered to remediate your specific water problem
  • Ability to treat water as well as upland vegetation, expanding revenue opportunities
  • Small size and tablet form, reduces shipping, storage and handling cost by 80%
  • Tablet form ensures that 100% live beneficial bacteria are delivered to client
  • Up to 5 different bacteria are included in each formulation
  • Each tablet contains 10bn bacteria; once reanimated each tablet delivers 20bn live bacteria
  • One tablet can treat up to 300 m3 or 79,251 gallons of water
  • Only 4 tablets required to treat an acre foot of water




Ideally suited to treat open salt or sweet water, plants, grass and other agricultural applications.



Ideally suited for large aquiculture or agricultural applications or waste water applications.



Designed for bulk horticultual application; shrubs, trees and grass.



Bulk treatment for private swimming pools and swimming lakes.