Increasing global temperatures and pollution by industry, agriculture have created a clean water crisis that is being experienced in every part of the globe.

Our Homeport Oxyfusion Open Water solution is designed to restore natural balance of the lakes and ponds without the environmental impacts associated with chemicals and heavy metals.

Ultra-Fine Bubbles are proven natural and sustainable water aeration method that prevents algae blooms and helps reduce sediments at the bottom. They greatly improve the dissolved oxygen concentration at any depth and enable more efficient aerobic bacterial processing.

Our Oxyfusion platforms increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria colonies which consume biological waste, while Hydroxyl Radicals, produced from the collapse of our Ultrafine Bubbles, oxidize chemical waste.


  • Increased dissolved oxygen levels at all depths
  • Odor removal within days
  • Clean, transparent water
  • Reduction of sediment layers
  • Reduction of nutrients in the water
  • Algae growth reduction & prevention
  • Return of aquatic and bird life



  • No chemical use
  • No ultra sounds
  • No noise
  • 100% natural
  • Quick installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Low energy consumption

Homeport is working globally to improve the quality of surface water that will be beneficial for all. This is evident from our recent case studies and installations demonstrating the efficiency of the combination of Ultrafine Bubbles and Probiotics to naturally treat surface and groundwater.


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