Homeport is focused on applying our Oxyfusion technology in the agricultural marketplace through Ultrafine Bubble feeding programs, to:

  • clean agricultural wastewater
  • sanitize produce and protein production facilities
  • enhance the growth and health of plants and animals
  • reduce use of antibiotics and fertilizers

Activities as simple as cleaning agricultural runoff ponds are critical as municipalities enforce stricter rules on the disposal of agricultural wastewater. Every agricultural product process produces toxic run off. Homeport’s Oxyfusion platforms are configured to treat these problems. We have done testing and continue to demonstrate the ability of our technology to dramatically reduce biological oxygen demand of agricultural wastewater retention ponds, allowing farmers to rapidly bring smell and other environmental impacts into check.


  • Oxygen transfer rate 80,000 times higher
  • Efficiency 1200 times more than any other solutions (certified by experts)
  • Saves operational costs significantly


  • No chemicals
  • No biological agents
  • No filters
  • 100% natural
The ability of Oxyfusion Platforms to clean irrigation systems, feeding systems or be combined with ozone to sanitize livestock pens or process produce are significant opportunities for our technology. Our studies utilizing injected beneficial gases have demonstrated improved feeding and irrigation system sanitation, reduced fecal and biofilm contaminants.
Finally, our focus on improving the growth and health of livestock through feeding programs has demonstrated increased growth rates and improved health. This improvement is evidenced through demonstrated weight gain and a reduction in the application of antibiotics. Ultrafine Bubbles have a proven impact on the growth of both plant and animal life. Given that our Oxyfusion Platforms deliver 99% pure oxygen, growth rates for both animals and plants increase between 14% to 25% if the animals are fed or plants are hydrated using Ultrafine Bubble water.