Homeport is presently focusing on applying their new and different technologies in the agricultural market that helps to clean the agricultural wastewater. Using the Ultrafine bubble feeding programs the growth of the plants and animals are much more improved within the water bodies due to the production of proteins present in the agricultural water.

In the present day, cleaning up the agricultural runoff ponds are not so easy because the municipals are now trying to impose more strict rules on the disposal of agricultural waste water.  Toxic runoff gets developed when these agricultural end products are processed before they are dumped. Homeport comes up with different ideas of treating these with the MaxDo platforms. With our 100% proven tests we are now moving to imply all our technologies that will help to reduce the smell and other environmental hazards into a check.  


  • Oxygen transfer rate 80,000 times higher
  • Efficiency 1200 times more than any other solutions (certified by experts)
  • Saves operational cost by 90%


  • No chemicals
  • No biological agents
  • No filters
  • 100% natural
The MaxDo platforms come up with a difference in the earlier technologies which help to clean the irrigation water and get a well well-nourished framework or helps to combine with ozone. With the help of our studies made, the amount of fecal or biofilm contaminants produced in agricultural water could be reduced with the infusion of helpful gases that improved the irrigation system sanitation.
Hence we can say that with the help of our constant eye on improving the health and growth of the livestock we have improved the growth rate and health conditions using our feeding programs. These are evident in the gain in weight and less application of antibiotics. The Ultrafine bubbles show to have a good impact on the growth of both animals and plants. The plants and animals that are fed using the MaxDo Aeration platforms have shown an increase in growth between 14% to 25% because around 99% pure oxygen is delivered.