Homeport Horticulture solution delivers irrigation water with optimized level of dissolved oxygen to the roots of the plants. It prevents algae growth and pathogens proliferation in the irrigation water tanks.

Optimized level of dissolved oxygen will enhance plants growth, increase the yield and keep the irrigation infrastructure clear from biofilm buildup and clogging due to scaling.  


  • Significant yield increase
  • Significant fertilizer reduction
  • Pathogen free irrigation water
  • Increased size and length of roots
  • Biofilm and scaling free piping


  • Precise dissolved oxygen delivery over long distances
  • Improved root development, nutrient intake & plant growth
  • Reduction of costs for fertilizers and pesticides
  • No need for chemical biofilm and scale removal

Clean and enriched water for improved plant growth and health.


Our solution is easy and simple to implement with immediate results on irrigation water quality and crop production. Homeport Oxyfusion systems are in operation in greenhouses and at sports facilities (stadiums, golf courses, horse tracks and others).

Our solution improves the health and bio-chemical safety of recreational or professional green surfaces and lowers costs. We provide greenhouses, hydroponics and crop farms with enriched water for plant growth by delivering optimal and stable amounts of dissolved oxygen directly to the plant roots.


Reduce the water footprint of your farm by optimizing the drinking water quality and turn the waste water into irrigation water.

Animal drinking water disinfection and enrichment. Animal waste water treatment for irrigation reuse.

Homeport Livestock solution delivers clean and enriched animal life drinking water with optimized level of dissolved oxygen to the drinking stations. It prevents biofilm growth and pathogens proliferation in the drinking piping system.

Clean water and optimized level of dissolved oxygen will improve significantly animal health, enhance overall farm hygiene, animal wellbeing and product quality.

Our waste water solution, based on same technology can treat the animal waste water and covert it to irrigation water – the optimal natural crop fertilizer.


  • Improved FCR above 10%
  • Healthier animals and reduced animal mortality
  • Drinking water free from microorganism, algae, and other pollutants
  • Drastically reduced chemicals and medication use
  • Increased production and profitability
  • Drastically reduced odors from waste water


  • Water disinfection without chemicals
  • Reduction of costs for animal food and medicine
  • No need for chemical biofilm and scale removal
  • Optimize and reuse animal wastewater for crop irrigation without risk for environment
  • Remove smell from the waste water
  • Reduce methane emissions from waste water


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