Homeport delivers clean water to our clients using our proprietary Oxyfusion water treatment technology. Leveraging Ultrafine Bubbles, we radically improve water quality in every industry vertical where our technology can be applied to the benefit, well-being and health of the planet.



Our Oxyfusion Platforms produce significant Ultrafine Bubbles and powerful oxidizing Hydroxyl Radicals, resulting in material increases in dissolved oxygen and oxidization of heavy metals and chemical compounds. Improved dissolved oxygen supports the growth of beneficial bacteria and microbes responsible for cleaning organic pollution.


These beneficial bacteria naturally clean water, eliminating sediments; restoring the natural balance of water. Homeport is committed to the disintermediation of energy-intensive aeration systems, harmful chemicals and heavy metals in the treatment of water

Today the treatment of lakes, ponds and other water bodies involves heavy doses of powerful toxic chemicals and heavy metals or the application of expensive, low impact aeration technologies. Concerned owners have few, low impact, options to improve the health of their water. Homeport provides an alternative to traditional treatment methods.

Homeport uses our superior Ultrafine Bubble Oxyfusion technology to improve water quality by increasing dissolved oxygen. The technology delivers 80,000 times the dissolved oxygen of current aeration technology per cubic meter of water treated; treating the entire water column, including the sediment layer; delivering truly superior cleaning results.

Our technology provides a 100% natural solution to promote growth of beneficial organisms. High oxygen levels in the water is the key to start natural, self-cleaning processes. High levels of oxygen promote the growth of naturally occurring, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, live bacteria and micro-organisms. In nature, aerobic bacteria, along with other organisms, are responsible for consuming and removing biological impurities in water.

Our technology also addresses inorganic wastes, from mineral, non-living sources or chemicals such as ammonia and phosphates. Our Oxyfuxion Platforms produce oxidizing hydroxyl radicals, nature’s most potent oxidizing agent. Sustained application of these powerful naturally occurring oxidants removes these inorganic pollutants naturally through oxidization.

Finally, we focus on leveraging plant and fisheries management to deliver our low impact, natural approach to water treatment. Once we balance the habitat, we will work with our clients to design a plant and fisheries management plan to their specific goals, budget and timeframe. These plans are targeted to naturally control undesirable aerobic plant life. Our objective is always to let nature achieve the appropriate balance and the proper amount of beneficial plants and fish help achieve this objective. Homeport Environmental Solutions is committed to a sustainable approach to water management.


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