We help our clients to get clear water with the help of our technologically advanced water treatments. Introducing the ultrafine bubbles, the quality of water is improved using our technology that adds a benefit in the health and well being of people around the world also keeping in mind the benefits and wealth of the people.



The Maxdo platforms used by us produce the ultrafine bubbles and high power oxidizing Hydroxyl Radicles, that increases the level of oxygen dissolved in water bodies and oxidizes the different chemical compounds and heavy metals present in the water. This helps in reducing the content of pollutants in water bodies as it increases the growth of bacteria and microorganisms that are beneficial.

These bacteria clean up the water by replacing the required natural balance of water and puts an end to the formation of sediments. Homeport is now focusing on not using any synthetic chemicals or heavy metals in treating water.


In modern day, the treatment of any water bodies either involves usage of heavy metal doses of high power chemicals that are toxic or the use of heavy machines that create low impact.   Here, Homeport comes up with the traditional methods for the owners who do not have bigger options to improve the health condition of their water bodies.

The quantity of dissolved oxygen is increased with the help of Ultrafine bubble aeration technology by Homeport. This improves the quality of the water by supplying dissolved oxygen 80,000 times per cubic meter of the water that is being treated. This method treats the entire water body including the layers of sediments and the end results are found to be crystal clear water. 

Our technologies are 100% natural and helps in the growth of bacteria that are beneficial. The key to start a self-cleaning process is to increase the level of oxygen in the water bodies. When the level of oxygen is higher the amount of natural, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, living bacteria and microorganisms also increases at a rapid rate. Naturally, aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms control the growth of different biological impurities, by consuming and removing them.  


At the same time, we keep an eye on the inorganic wastes that are generated from minerals or non-living sources or chemicals such as phosphates and ammonia. The oxidizing hydroxyl radicals produced with the help of our Maxdo aeration platforms is a very powerful natural oxidizing agent. The different inorganic pollutants that remain present in water bodies are removed with the help of our powerful oxidants that are naturally occurring in their form.

At the same time, we try to keep a focus on the different fisheries and plants so that they can be benefited with our low impact and natural methods of water treatment. Once the total area is studied, we try to help the management of the fisheries or plants with our plans that we come up to treat the water bodies that accordingly fits their budget, timeframe, and goals as well. These plans are so designed that the unnecessary aerobic plant life can be controlled naturally. It is our aim to allow nature to achieve the balance and this goal can be achieved when the number of beneficial plants and fishes are present in nature appropriately. Hence, we the Homeport Environmental Solutions are now focusing on to find a sustainable way to maintain the conditions of water in different water bodies.